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MAPS Podcast

Oct 31, 2017

This episode of The MAPS Podcast dives into the rich tapestry of the foreign yet wise world of South American plant medicine culture as experienced through the lens of an American medical doctors eyes. Joe's new book "The Fellowship of The River - A Medical Doctor's Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicines" is a beautifully written and passionately researched account into Joe's time exploring how traditional plant medicines, with their ability to alter consciousness and open channels of communication to our emotions, offer so much promise in the treatment of many conditions that Western medicine does not seem to have much success with. 

Joe and I also danced around his own evolution from traditional medical doctor to plant medicine mystic, the roots of Western medicine's own systematic limitations, various ailments and how we tend to treat them and a couple of case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of Joe's research. 

I highly recommend his book (and this podcast) if you're at all curious about a road map of how healing via shamanic plant medicine can be applied to traditional Western medicine as it stands now. 

Visit - to learn more and to purchase the book