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MAPS Podcast

May 1, 2021

The MAPS Podcast returns with a new episode featuring Aubrey Marcus, the founder and CEO of ONNIT. 

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Since its founding, Onnit has become an Inc. 500 company and industry leader with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.

Aubrey discusses the effects psychedelics have on our mystical state of awareness as well as our physical holistic selves. He is candid and visionary in his approach to how psychedelics have informed all aspects of his life and our culture at large. 

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Podcast is hosted by Zach Leary and aims to bring you discussions with some of the leaders in the new age of psychedelic research and culture.