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MAPS Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

Episode 59 - Dave Hodges, On The Front Lines of The Decrim Movement

This all new episode of the MAPS podcast takes you to a front row seat of the decriminalization movement with Dave Hodges, the founder of Zide Door which is the largest psilocybin church with a memebership of over 70,000 people. Dave's story made headline news when his church was raided in Oakland despite psilocybin being a low priority for law enforcement. Dave also takes us into his mysticaly prfound methods using high doses and shares with us the downloads he gets when in that space. This is wild one!

Dave Hodges is the Founder of the Church of Ambrosia and Pastor for Zide Door, the Church of Entheogenic Plants in Oakland. He is known for starting the first medical cannabis club in San Jose and for his work with High Dose Mushrooms exploring the origins of religion. Dave has spent the past 15 years fighting legal cases to protect sacred plants he believes in. He is currently preparing for his next major legal fight, a federal lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department for the illegal raid on his Church and their violation of the church's religious freedom. Dave's work with Mushrooms to explore religion has led him to the high dose work. Mushrooms guided him from doing 5 to 30 dried grams in a signal dose. Dave now does between 15-25 grams regularly in an attempt to understand religion and the true nature of reality