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MAPS Podcast

Dec 5, 2017

Episode 21 with Amanda Reiman, PhD

The Use of Cannabis as a Substitute for Opiate and Non-Opiate Pain Medication 

This episode of the MAPS Podcast presents an alternative treatment method and all around discussion in respect to the opioid crisis facing America. Currently, there are over 20,000 overdose deaths each year as a result of prescribed opiate pain medication. It's a major epidemic that has many opinions and a myriad of possible remedies. Amanda Reiman has done extensive research into using cannabis as a substitute in the treatment of this affliction. This talk is from Psychedelic Science 2017 and includes a brief audience question and answer at the end. Enjoy.

Intro: 5 essential psychedelic book recommendations for your library.

Amanda Reiman is the California policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance. Based in San Francisco, Reiman leads DPA’s marijuana reform work in California. Reiman has conducted numerous studies on medical marijuana dispensaries, patients and the use of marijuana as a treatment for addiction. Reiman served as the first chairwoman of the Medical Cannabis Commission for the City of Berkeley and has consulted with various cities and states on the development of medical marijuana policy. Reiman is currently a lecturer in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California-Berkeley, where she teaches Drug and Alcohol Policy, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Sexuality and Social Work.