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MAPS Podcast

Apr 27, 2019

Episode 40 - David Jay Brown, A Legend in Psychedelic Consciousness

This episode of the MAPS podcast features a dynamic consciousness surfing conversation with author David Jay Brown. I've known David for over 30 years and have watched him dance with the legends of psychedelic culture, exchange ideas with them and then morph into a legend all his own. From John Lilly to Albert Hoffman to Tim Leary, David always managed to extract the best from these brilliant minds and then build off of it to form his own magnificent insights into alternative culture and trans-personal evolution. Our conversation ranged from revisiting history to today's psychedelic research and its mind expanding potentials.

David Jay Brown is an American writer, interviewer and consciousness researcher. Brown has studied parapsychology, and the effects of psychoactive drugs. With parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake, he studied pets and people who apparently anticipate events. Brown has served as a guest editor for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and he has published many interviews of prominent thinkers.