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MAPS Podcast

Sep 15, 2022

Episode 55 - Teodor Gorbunov - Mushrooms, Magic and Russia

This episode of the MAPS Podcast features an all new interview with Teodor who shares his story of discovering psychedelics in the coldness of the Russian politcal system, how he left Russia and went on to spread his knowlegde and love of psychedelic healing around the world. 

Teodor Gorbunov is natural facilitator of psychedelic transformation. Born in Russia, he lived through the times of chaos and turmoil that followed the fall of Soviet Union, experienced traumatizing, life-altering hardships. After discovering the therapeutic qualities of psilocybin, he used it for personal healing and restructuring his personality, which was followed by a natural desire to share the medicine with humanity and establishing underground psychedelic therapy practice in Siberia. After years of operation, he decided to endorse methods of psychedelic transformation and healing to public, just to discover that Russian society isn’t ready for such advanced technologies and joined Evolution Retreats team.

Teodor is an expert in complementary preparation/integration psychedelic practices. He found the narrow road to personal healing and transformation without any guidance, and now he is passionate about providing guidance to others – so that the people can have best experience with psilocybin and life in general. Please visit for more information.