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MAPS Podcast

Feb 2, 2024

Episode 72 - Jamie Wheal: Psychedelics and Human Optimization

Recorded live in Austin, TX thanks to the Psychedelic Society of Texas! This episode has a very provocative and lively conversation with flow state and human optimization wizard, Jamie Wheal. We explore topics ranging from the end of the world to reclaiming...

Jan 1, 2024

Episode 71 - Yvie Oddly, Psychedelic Drag

Happy 2024 and may it be filled with psychedelic wonder and creation! 

This episode of the MAPS podcast features an all new interview with international drag superstar, Yvie Oddly. If you're wondering where the world of drag and psychedelics meet, wonder no more and listen to...

Oct 25, 2023

Episode 70 - Dr. Joe Tafur; New Thought, Ancient Wisdom

In this episode of the MAPS Podcast, we connect once again with the wise and colorful Dr. Joe Tafur. Our conversation explores the roots of the absence of spirituality in Western medicine, how plant medicines can grow our inution and the current state of...

Sep 25, 2023

Episode 69 - Dr. Cat Meyer; Sex, Trauma and Psychedelics

This episode of the podcast features a wide ranging conversation with Dr. Cat Meyer on the potential to heal trauma through psychedelics, renewed sexual health and vulnerability. Cat is on the leading edge of multi disciplinary approaches to healing and...

Sep 2, 2023

This episode of the podcast honors the life and legacy of Ram Dass with none other than Raghu Markus, the Executive Director of the Love, Serve, Remember Foundation. Ram Dass's influence on psychedelic research and culture has largely been forgotten because of his shift towards eastern spiritual practices. Raghu takes...