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MAPS Podcast

Oct 24, 2017

The State of Psychedelic Therapy, Culture and Policy in the UK and Beyond with Dr. Ben Sessa

Ben beams in via cyberspace for an original episode of The MAPS Podcast. Ben's talk with Zach weaved in and out of topics including the psychedelic dance in the UK, his own experiences with various methods, how to integrate results with traditional therapy and the culture wars that we're still fighting. Ben's experience, candor and passion is not to be missed. He's a force on the front lines of the psychedelic movement. 

Intro: An excerpt was read from "Why I'm microdosing LSD" By Erica Avey. The entire piece can be read here


I am a medical doctor providing private psychiatric consultation through Mandala Therapy Limited 

I am a published medical and fiction author

I carry out psychopharmacology research with psychedelic medicines

I am researching MDMA Therapy for mental disorders

I publish in the academic and medical press

I present regularly in multi-media platforms

I carry out medico-Legal family law expert witness work

I am co-founder and chair of the Breaking Convention conference.