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MAPS Podcast

Jan 20, 2018

This episode of the MAPS podcast takes us on a journey way back into the archives of psychedelic lore by pulling some classic audio from a historic event in 1990. Tucked in the cozy enclave of Maryland many of the worlds great psychedelic luminaries gathered to reflect on the state of psychedelic research, culture and policy.

Rick Doblin moderates a panel from this gathering entitled "Psychedelics and The Future" that features on one stage; Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Terence McKenna, Ralph Metzner, Andy Weil, Emerson Jackson and Robert Zanger.

Rick sets the tone by putting forth the question "Where do you see us in the year 2000? What will psychedelics look like in the 90's and where will it take us?"

Listen for yourself to hear what these legendary thinkers had to say. Look out for a part two from this gathering because it's OH so good!