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MAPS Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

Episode 56 - Charlotte James and Dre Wright - The Ancestor Project

This all new episode of the MAPS Podcast dives deep with Charlotte and Dre from the Ancestor Project. Their mission statement is to integrate ancestral Sacred Earth Medicine wisdom into the modern journeyers’ experience to reduce harm and expand consciousness. We believe that Sacred Earth Medicine is key in liberating all oppressed peoples. The conversation with Zach explores the roots of how the psychedelic movement hasn't addressed the needs of BIPOC communities and what we can do to address that, keeping the traditions of indigneous cultures alive while also adapting for the modern world and how to provide equal barriers of entry for all those in need of healing through psychedelics. 

Charlotte has been a harm reductionist and psychedelic explorer for over 10 years, but her path through this work has certainly not been linear. After leaving harm reduction years ago because of rapid burn out, she is returning to this work with a new energy - thanks to the power of healing with Sacred Earth Medicines.

Undrea has been working to heal himself with sacred medicines for over 15 years. He is a cannabis entrepreneur that was instrumental in the decriminalization and medical bill passed in Maryland. He focuses on equity and inclusion in all healing work and communities.